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2020 Beginning To End


2020 Beginning To End

2020 Beginning To End . . . What a year. This is a taster of what we got up to. Which will also give you a little insight in to whom we are as a family too. This time last year we were on holiday in Australia with family. We were to spend the first two weeks of 2020 in Australia. And boy am I glad that we got that visit. Because whom could have predicted what was about to occur in the following months. We love spending our Christmas’ with Terry, Michelle and the kiddies, we generally fly out on Christmas Eve. We have so much fun. Its a welcome break from running businesses. And gets us away from the horrible winter weather. Boxing days are generally pool days, the jet lag is brutal for the first couple of days.

January In Australia

Our first ever day in 2020 was spent down the beach with Terry and the kiddies whilst Michelle worked. What a way to start what we thought was gonna be an amazing year.

1st_January_2020An afternoon on the beach,  a delicious fish and chips, with pelicans being fed as a view. I remember it being scorchio this day. We treated all the Barn-Ickles tribe to ice cream. We cram as much as we can in on our visits. Working with Michelle and Terrys work schedule we aim to spend as much time together as possible. We love to visit Dreamworld. Seeing the animals is a must, particularly the Kangaroos. Arlo was so cute this year. Asking a random kangaroo if it remembered him from a previous visit.Dreamworld_January_2020One of my absolute faves to do is visit Surfers Paradise. There is sooooooo much to do there. We’d walk to the tram station. Enjoy the air con on the tram for a good half an hour until we reached our destination. On arrival we would have a mooch around the shops. Have lunch. Spend late afternoon on the beach and then head home. Perfect day. And we would discover something new each time we would visit.Surfers_Paradise_2020

Something new for us on this years visit was a visit to Byron Bay. Had a really relaxed vibe. Minus the parking. No matter where you are in the world. Parking is always an issue. Reminded me a lot of Cornwall. Enjoyed a look around the market, afternoon on the beach and then dining with the whole clan. January was bloody amazing. Looking through my pics whilst doing this post has brought back so many wonderful memories. Byron_Bay


The main memory from February this year was visiting my nan in her new care home. My nan is my absolute hero. Unfortunately this would be the last time we visit her this year due to Covid-19. We had a lot of laughs as she pushed a sleepy Axll around the place. Showing us her new room. I honestly miss her so much. Dementia is the cruellest thing in the world to deal with.



Along came March and turned everyone’s world upside down. It was Clive’s birthday in March. And then along came lock down. We luckily crammed in a visit to IKEA to get Axll’s big boy bed just before Boris’ announcement. March was a month of the unknown. We spent our days entertaining the kids, stopping them from ripping shreds out of one another. I went DIY mad and stripped the boys room. Which now looks lovely and has featured on the wallpaper shops social media platforms . . . Go me!!!March_2020


April saw us celebrating our first of many lockdown birthdays. Axll Knox the whirlwind boy turned 3. We put up the tee pee and had a little garden party for him. I had booked a function room and planned a big party. If anything at least we saved some money. The weather was absolutely amazing throughout April. Which was an absolute blessing. Luckily we have a nice big garden so the boys got plenty of time outside.Axlls_Birthday_2020


In May we had lockdown birthday number 2. Our Louster turned 11. Again the weather was amazing, and we’d purchased a hot tub. So that definitely came in handy. Garden party number 2. Relatives came by and dropped cards off and wished him happy birthday over the fence. Odd but I think the whole world has just had to make the best out of a really bad situation.May_2020


Well well well . . . June was the month that stuff got real. And is the reason why I am sat here doing the this post. Out of absolutely nowhere I became a business owner. To Feral & Funky Kids Co. I think if you know me and the shop you’ll be well aware from press coverage that this whole thing came out of absolutely nowhere. At the beginning of June I could not have predicted that this would be happening. But it is. . . and from the moment I got the keys its kinda pathed the rest of my path for 2020. I live, breathe and sleep for Feral & Funky Kids Co.June_2020


Throughout July I spent my days, coming up with a shop name. Renovating the shop. Deciding what brands to stock in the shop. To be honest this month is a blur due to being so absolutely busy. We fit a visit to Blackpool in know that. We completely transformed the shop from a bland magnolia shell. To the wonderful sight it is today. All whilst having 3 kids at home, running 2 other businesses and home schooling. Dream team.July_2020


August was finally the month that I opened the shop. There was no grand opening, and still hasn’t been. I’m adamant that there will be one day though. And I hope to have all my stockists celebrating with me. I got quite a lot of coverage from the local newspapers which was a great help. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more support from friends and family. And the Instagram community was just amazing. August was also the month that my first born son was 18. Dylan has played such a huge factor within Feral & Funky Kids Co. He designed the logo. Is responsible for the neon splats all over the place. He hand drew my Barn-Ickle skull for me. He’s honestly so super talented and I could not be prouder.August_2020


Back to School . . . That is all!!!!! Whoop whoop.



Well this was another busy month, and quite a creative one. We produced the website, with the help of North Web Design. A brand with our very talented Dylan. And decorated Louie’s bedroom.  The shop was going from strength to strength then boom . . . Have another lockdown in your lives. The website from that point was just a panic rush on my behalf. I needed it live before we went into lockdown number 2. It was and still is probably the most time consuming part of the business. I wanted in a format that I could do posts like this. And well this is the first one I’ve had the time to do. So its a lengthy one haha. Movingly swiftly on to lockdown number 2.



With the website running I was able to offer a click and collect service which was a massive help. The website really was a lifeline in regards to sales. Nothing in comparison to what I would take in the shop. But I fully appreciated the fact that I was in a better position than most other businesses. It also gave me time to dedicate time to our own brand Barn-Ickle. The response to it has been incredible and I can’t wait to see what 2021 brings for that. I currently have a fabulous team of brand reps helping me along the way.  November_2020


With the shop back open I was happy to see all my regular customers. Arlo turned 7. We hired some gorgeous sleepover tee pees from the fabulous Moon and Stars Teepees. And obviously we had a rather different Christmas to look forward to at home. The boys where totally overwhelmed. I think we were too. They got absolutely spoilt rotten. I have just taken down the decorations. Axll is sat at the table with me as I write this and he is absolutely furious with me for taking his Christmas away. . . whoops.


Final Thoughts

All in all. Apart from not seeing loved ones. 2020 has been kind to us as a family. We’ve been able to spend heaps of time together at home. Created this business. We have our health and a roof over our heads. Its been a good un . . . be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates and offers. Thanks for taking the time to read this rather lengthy post. All the best for 2021.

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