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Barn-Ickle Brand Rep Search

Brand rep search

Barn-Ickle Brand Rep Search

Barn-Ickle Brand Rep Search. The time has come to extend my already fabulous team of brand reps. For our in house brand Barn-Ickle. The team search is currently running via our Instagram page. The chosen reps will receive 25% off every Barn-Ickle purchase made during the 3 month term, and 10% off the rest of the fabulous brands I stock at Feral & Funky Kids Co. 

What Am I Looking For?

Number of followers is absolutely irrelevant to me. What I want more than anything is a love for our brand. A good social media presence, sharing my posts, commenting on them means more to a small business than a purchase. There is no strict rules on how many purchases you need to make, in fact there is no rule on that. I will be sharing your children’s photos wearing my items across my social media platforms and website. If this is something you think you may be interested in then please do enter.

I will be announcing the new team members on the 3rd March 2021.

Massive thanks to my already amazing team whom can’t wait to welcome some newbies.

Brand Reps Team 1

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