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Let’s Have a Catch Up

Let’s Have a Catch Up

I genuinely can’t believe how much the months have flown by since my last blog post. WOW!

I’ve loved every single minute of being back open. Since my last post A LOT has happened. New brands, award nominations and heaps more. Oh gosh where do I even start?


I have had some incredible deliveries since my last post. Fabulous Kerry from Bissy Bisew sent me a whole load of gorgeousness. Animal prints, lego prints, circus prints. She is so popular in the shop, you guys absolutely love her. I’ve had a great delivery from Claire at Mini Moshers too. The girly skirts and dresses have proven to be a big hit so they are something that i’ll defo be looking at stocking more of.

Ive found myself to be topping up with Six Bunnies a lot too since we re opened back in April. Six Bunnies is one of my favourite brands, it was also the first brand that i secured when i first got the keys to Feral & Funky Kids Co, so it holds a special place with me.  The leopard print jackets are still the most popular product to date.

New Brands

Super Excited to now be stocking Ducky Street Temporary Tattoo’s for Kiddiwinkles. Tattoo’s go down an absolute treat in the shop. So to have a brand totally dedicated them is ACE. I’ve learnt very quickly in business, that it’s not always a great place to be. Most small businesses like to support one another, which is the whole concept and foundation of Feral & Funky Kids Co. I’ve come across how vile others can be towards someone that strives to do well. That is totally OK with me though. It just encourages me to push more.

The Hyndburn Business Awards

So, since my previous post I got nominated to receive a Hyndburn Business Award. There was  huge amount of nominations and I’m absolutely delighted to inform you that I have made the final in not 1 but 3 categories. This has actually blown my mind. This time last year I had just begun this journey. So to get to this point in less than 12 months is such a good feeling.

Famalam News

So we’ve had a busy few months with football. We have gone from none of the 4 boys being interested in football to 2 of them joining 2 clubs. So it has taken over our weekends. They are loving it though. We had a lovely weekend for Fathers Day. We surprised Clive with a visit from his eldest son Jared. We went out for a bite to eat at Kenanks in Accrington. I highly recommend the food is delicious and the staff are amazing.

Spot The Feral Truck

So I keep getting tagged on social media of pictures of people by the pickup. So I decided to make it a monthly giveaway. If you spot the truck then take a picture and use the hashtag #ispottedtheferaltruck. I will choose a winner each month. Prizes will vary each month.

As always thanks for taking the time to read my latest news. I promise to try and make them more frequent. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates and stock pictures.

Hols x


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