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The Hyndburn Business Awards 2021

We Only Bladdy WON

Well . . . Guys and Gals. What a truly remarkable week I have had at Feral & Funky HQ. As you will all be aware I made the final to 3 categories in the Hyndburn Business Awards 2021. I can’t actually believe it, but I only bladdy won didn’t I. We won the Creative Business Category and came Highly Commended in the Independent Business Category. What a belting night we had.

Run Down Of The Evening

So I attended with my nearest and dearest, people who had really supported me from the get go. Clive obviously as hes my right hand man. Dylan, my eldest, creator of Barn-Ickle. Damien from the Accrington Aerials team as he helped massively with getting the shop ready. My sister Catherine, niece Sniffers, Dad, good friend Moira and of course our Linda (mum) and partner Andy. The atmosphere was AMAZING. It felt good to be in a room with business people who oozed the same passion as I do. I personally didn’t take many pictures as I was nervous wreck. It was lovely to see quite a few familiar faces attending. Chery Duffy who does a crazy amount of social media work for the independent businesses of Hyndburn. The beautiful Emma from Cover My Bubble (winners of the Customer Friendly Award).

Then Came The Awards

After our meal, which was lovely. The organiser of the event Rob. Announced how the ceremony was going to work. For each category the nominations for each would stand at their table whilst the winner was announced. This made me even more nervous haha. I was soon egging Dylan on to stand by my side.

Soon it was my first category, creative business. The finalists in this group were phenomenal so I didn’t feel confident at all. As I stood there listening to all of the achievements of the other businesses I was blown away. 2 of the businesses came highly commended which is what happens when its so close. And then it happened. The sponsor of this category Just Imagine UK announced Feral & Funky Kids Co as the winner. I still get goosebumps. I didn’t know what to do. I welled up. I froze, I couldn’t remember if I needed a mask haha.

And off I went to collect my award. I picked up the wrong one, I said to the guy handing them out “mate I’ll take any” haha. And that was that. Such an amazing feeling. And to have my nearest and dearest with me for this was just an incredible feeling.

Awards Continued . . .

As the night went on it was soon time for the Independent business award. We came highly commended in this category along with Brie Mine U.K. The winner was West End Chippy in Oswaldtwistle. Off we went for pics, I was absolutely buzzing my little head off and couldn’t believe how well this was going, for lil old me, Hols. No business cell in her brain.

Our final category New Business was won by East Lancs Hot Tub Hire, so a massive well done to them. Then came the biggy. The Beacon award. This was like the overall award. and it was won by NORI – HR and Employment Law. A fabulous couple that we had the pleasure of discussing feral children with after the awards.

Amazing night with amazing people.

Thank you so much for all of your lovely words over the past week. I still can’t believe I have an award winning business . . . eeeek.

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