I’m Hollie, the owner of Feral & Funky Kids Co.

Im 36 and a mum to 4 boys. I became a mum at 16 years old, and from that moment I have had a keen passion for children’s fashion. When Dylan, my eldest was small, it was all about the designer labels, which took me to my first job. A shop named Jumping Jacks which stocked designer children’s wear. It was my dream job at the time. The business came to an end and so i then went on to bar work for a lot of years. Children’s fashion was always at the back of my mind though; I was forever being told how great the boys looked.

As the years went by, I struggled to fill the void that Jumping Jacks left; I qualified as a hairdresser, and then a book keeper. And as much I enjoyed them, it just wasn’t me. In the meantime, and as children’s fashion changed I found myself to be buying my boys a lot of handmade items from small businesses on Instagram. I was soon doing flat lays with the items, which then led to the boys being brand reps for a load of brands. Finally I was doing something I enjoyed. I won’t lie, i got ridiculed off friends and family for my passion, but it never stopped me doing it. I was good at it, I enjoyed it so why not.

Further years went by; I made so many amazing friends through doing the brand repping. At this point i was working for my partner Clive. The void that Jumping Jacks had left was long gone, I was too busy to even think about that. June 2020 and Axll, the youngest of our brood, had a nasty accident, that very week a shop became available on the sought after street in Accrington. I thought absolutely nothing of it, didn’t even cross my mind to view it. Clive arranged for us to view it . . .  and the rest they say is history.

I had no plans whatsoever for Feral & Funky Kids Co to happen, took me about 10 days to come up with a name, I had a good idea what I wanted to stock. But no idea where to start with regards to getting it in. Let’s not forget, this was during a pandemic. I don’t really work well with planning. I work a lot on impulse. I follow my gut, and I have to say it’s worked out great. I am living my dream. Feral & Funky Kids Co is my happy place, the hours dwindle by when I am here. I love it.

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