Let’s Have a Catch Up

I genuinely can’t believe how much the months have flown by since my last blog post. WOW!

I’ve loved every single minute of being back open. Since my last post A LOT has happened. New brands, award nominations and heaps more. Oh gosh where do I even start?

Blown Away In April

You guys have absolutely blown me away. Since opening on the 12th April, we hit all time sales records. I honestly can’t thank you enough. This is without any promotions or whatever. Why no promotions?

The Countdown Is On

The Countdown Is Officially On for non essential retail to open. I along with many other business owners cannot wait to open our doors. I’ve opened my shutters this week for the first time THIS YEAR.

Barn-Ickle Brand Rep Search

Barn-Ickle Brand Rep Search. The time has come to extend my already fabulous team of brand reps. For our in house brand Barn-Ickle.

2020 Beginning To End

2020 Beginning To End . . . What a year. This is a taster of what we got up to. Which will also give you a little insight in to whom we are as a family too. This time last year we were on holiday in Australia with family.

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