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Just Katy, Just Amazing


Just Katy, Just Amazing

Just Katy, Just Amazing . . . I first started shopping small when Arlo was nearly 3. He’s now almost 7. One of my first ever purchases was with Just Katy. At the time I was new to Instagram, and finding my feet with reputable children’s shops. As I was mis sold a lot of chinese tat, wrongly advertised as handmade. My first ever purchase was a pair of leggings for Arlo Barlo. In April 2016.


Through The Years

I am personally so proud of how of Katy has grown her brand. She is quite possibly one of the most creative people I have come across. She goes above and beyond not to step on peoples toes. And goes out of the way to be different and be nothing close to anybody else’s designs. I’m passionately protective of her uniqueness. I’m quite happy to confront anyone that dares copy Katy’s designs. I just don’t understand why you would start a clothing company without your own ideas. Arlo and Axll have been brand reps for her for quite some time now. Not only that but I also count Katy as one of my friends.


Just Katy in Feral & Funky

As soon as I had the keys I knew instantly that I needed Just Katy in the shop. I knew that before I planned anything else. I genuinely don’t feel these brands get the credit they deserve via social media shops. So original. Amazingly made. Made with love and passion. I put in a mammoth order, I hope I have been forgiven. I was so excited to get it in the shop because I knew that my customers would love it as much as I do. One Saturday afternoon, I went to move my car. Came back and saw a little girl in some Just Katy leggings. Looked up and there she was, I genuinely felt star struck. I have spoken to this lady for years as a friend, never met her in person. And here she was, in my shop, with my stock. The brand has gone down an absolute treat here in Accrington. She sells out quickly, I’m so happy for her. She’s been nothing but supportive on this journey.



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